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Organic Buying Club
Moose Hill Community Farm



We supply organic produce in set boxes for pre-ordering. Our season runs from Fall to Spring (we do not operate during the summer). Each week we offer a small and a large box of mixed fruits and vegetables. On Saturdays, a list of the approximate box contents and price is emailed and posted on our THIS WEEK'S BOX! page (actual contents may vary slightly due to quality or availability).

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Orders must be placed by 9 AM on Mondays. You may place your order by email or from the THIS WEEK'S BOX! page. Box(es) must be picked up between 1:00 PM Thursdays and 12:00 PM Saturdays in the farm store. Payment is by cash, check or credit card when you pick up.

We are NOT a subscription service. Members order week by week, with the option of having their order placed automatically every week. How often and how much you buy is completely up to you. We are currently not charging deposits or registration fees. This makes it very important that every order is picked up, as we operate very close to our cost. So please, when you order, remember that it is your promise to purchase! All boxes ordered must be paid for, unless they are cancelled by the ordering deadline.

As much produce as possible is from Massachusetts or other nearby New England organic farms, the rest from organic distributors. Most items we provide are certified organic. However, when we deal directly with local farms, we occasionally get transitional items (crops that have been grown according to the Organic Standard Certification rules, but on land that is not yet certified), or other non-certified naturally grown or wild items. All non-certified items will always be clearly identified, and only ordered when we are familiar with the farm, and confident that the produce has been grown purely, according to organic standards.

Of course, during much of the year there is not much local produce available, so some of the items in our boxes come from further away. Although much is purchased from organic produce distributors, we are fortunate to also have a Western Massachusetts farmer purveying produce for us on the east coast, following harvest season all the way down to Florida. This is a double benefit! We are both helping support another Massachusetts farm during the difficult off-season, and also eliminating thousands of petromiles by purchasing as close to home as possible, e.g. buying from North Carolina instead of Florida, from Florida rather than California.

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