Strawberry Season 2012


Pre-pay for containers, berries included
PINT BOX   --   $3.00 each (holds approx. 1 lb. of berries)
2 Qt. BOX --  $9.00 each (holds approx. 3.5 lbs. of strawberries)
4 Qt. BOX --  $16.00 each  (holds approx. 7 lbs. of strawberries)

Walk-in to the strawberry patch schedule - check today's update

Hayrides to strawberry patch 7 days a week
during strawberry season • weather permitting

approximately June 11 - July 1, 2016

9 AM - 12:30 PM (or until picked out - see note below)
Approximately 15 minutes roundtrip
$3.00 per person (ages 3+)

Note: The farm manager reserves the right to close the strawberry patch at any time, based on picking conditions and other factors. Usually, the field opens at 9 AM and hayrides commence. By late morning or early afternoon, the farm manager may advise us of picked-out or other conditions which necessitate closing the field, at which time the hayrides will cease for the day, and the walk-in option will end.

No pets are allowed in the fields!

We have 9 varieties of traditional New England "June Bearers".

Select berries that are firm, dry, and plump. Check carefully and do not take any mouldy or damaged berries.

Caring for your fresh-picked strawberries:
Do not rinse berries or remove stems until you are ready to use them.
Protect them from sunlight and keep in a cool place.
Strawberries have a short shelf life and are best when used within 2 - 3 days after picking.

Wash berries & drain. Remove stems & slice. Place in freezer containers leaving space for expansion and freeze immediately.