Our first box for 2023-24 Winter Share is Monday, December 4.
Our first box for 2024 Spring Share is Monday, March 4.

The list of approximate contents will be posted on our This Week’s Box page and emailed to people on the email list. 

Pickup is in the store at Ward’s berry Farm, 614 So. Main St., Sharon, MA.

Yes, just have them give your name. Please be sure that whoever picks up has your receipt or email confirmation.

If you are interested in purchasing the remainder of the season please contact us.

All boxes are prepaid. You may order and pay online for all Shares and One Time Orders as they become available. Please bring your receipt or email confirmation (either printed out or visible on your phone) when you pick up.

No. Please go to our webpage to order. Please use email for all inquiries about the CSA program.

Our boxes are about 12″ X 17″ X 7″, with hand-holes for easy carrying and a separate lid. The weight varies with the type of produce, but a box will usually weigh between 8 and 20 lbs.

Initially, all produce will be from Ward’s. Later in the season, we may add items from other Massachusetts farms, but at least 90% of the produce in each box will always be from Ward’s. For example, since we do not grow apples, in fall we often add apples from a farm about 40 miles away. You can see when our crops are in season on our Crop Calendar on the wholesale page.

No. Ward’s crops are grown using IPM (integrated pest management) and judicious use of pesticides and fertilizers.

No, but you are welcome to have someone else pick up for you. If your box will not be picked up, we’d appreciate an email letting us know.

We do not have a bi-weekly subscription, but you are welcome to order every other week (or whenever you please) using the One Time Order option.

No, all our boxes contain the same amount of produce.

There are many factors (weather, pests, etc.) that can affect crops right up until the moment they are picked. So although our predictions are usually accurate, sometimes we must make substitutions. We always substitute with something as similar as possible, of equal or greater value.

We try to be perfect, but mistakes happen! Ward’s is always glad to replace any missing or unsatisfactory items. Just ask for it the next time you are in the store. It’s always a good idea to check your box against the enclosed list before you leave the store; that way any problems can be fixed on the spot.

For all problems, questions and concerns about Farmer’s Choice Boxes, please email directly. This will assure that the right person hears your problem, so you will get a quick and accurate response.

To maintain proper sanitation, we cannot take used boxes back. Please reuse or recycle them responsibly.