Field Trips

With a keen eye towards land stewardship, we manage our 175 acres of vegetables and small fruit. We select our varieties for flavor and pride ourselves in supplying the people of Sharon (as well as some of the great restaurants in the area) with corn picked that same day and delicious field ripened tomatoes, including our famous heirlooms! Our strawberry season lasts just a few weeks, but the incredibly sweet and juicy fruits are memorable all year long. Most people have never tasted a peach ripened on the tree, and we aim to share this delight with as many of our neighbors as possible.

Our marketing philosophy is simple: keep the chain of distribution short and fast.

As we work on production, we also work towards building the health of our soil and increasing its organic matter. Diversity and sustainability are of prime importance. We grow 18 acres of certified organic crops, and our other 160 acres are farmed using Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The goal of IPM is to manage pest damage economically while protecting people, property, and the environment. All available pest control methods, including the judicious use of pesticides, are considered; choices are based on extensive data about the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. Organic farming employs many of these same methods, but prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals.

We are proud to be a genuine, productive farm, sustainably feeding the people of our area real food picked at the peak of ripeness, while nurturing our soil and making Ward’s Berry Farm a healthy place for our family and yours.